the beautiful data potluck


well, we did it. i think i had very much underplayed it to the kids — the day before the superbowl, who really knew who would make it out to south philly? but, as it turned out, a WHOLE lot of people did. and, a LOT of kids, which was nice. (it was also nice of tucker to have been running a D&D game with claudia and a friend for hours beforehand.) ben had just gotten the super pac-man arcade machine in béla’s bedroom operational, so honestly, i think that saved us quite a bit — i don’t know what folks without arcade machines in their houses do to keep kids contained during potlucks! but with this gang… i may never have to find out.


cory was able to do a LOT more interviewing and get a lot more data. people brought wonderful food and got to meet interesting people they had not met before. a few camera aficionados, for sure.

some of us set up a satellite location on the third floor. neil came bearing “class photos” — prints of his polaroids from this past year — and the day before, i had had some engineers’ prints made of a few (from three different years) and was ready for wheatpasting.

at some point janet THOUGHT about pouring wallpaper paste on my head, but SHE DID NOT.


i was flattered to get some lovely hostess gifts but FORGOT to give cory his custom Parade of Spirits 3D viewmaster reel and viewer — thankfully janet took the one to give to the folks at Penn Treaty Special Services District. (it is hard to photograph inside of a viewmaster and you can’t really get the 3D experience either.)

a really fun evening that just continued to drive home what a special, easy, accepting, fascinating community the Parade family is… going on seven years now. to have someone who had been a very Little Person in our first year telling me about all the horror movies she’s been watching lately was a very wow moment.

am glad that everyone got home safely, wish those who didn’t make it had, and hope to find a way to see everyone before next december!