meet sylvia and david: this year’s es meedli and das mädchen

There are a lot of new people in our world this year. When these posts were found on Facebook, our core group passed them around asking, “Is this YOUR friend?”… nope. These are strangers. Strangers we need to know, because they are obviously also family!

We were early in getting our Es Meedli volunteer this year. Meet Sylvia. She heard there was a medal involved. And that was that.


You would think Es Meedli had helium in them, the way Sylvia works it. She is the smallest person ever to wear the costume… but somehow makes it look especially easy.


We seemed a LOT closer to go time when David appeared offering to be Das Mädchen. He came into our sauerkraut-and-kielbasa-scented house at full dinnertime havoc, we said “OK, get into this thing,” and put him on the street and said GO. He did great!


David is by far the TALLEST person to ever wear the costume, and it changes the gait entirely.

This Saturday, Ben got The Call from Chris Carson — the medals given for wearing these costumes were back from the caster. We have not gotten our hands on them yet… but it’s only Monday and we aren’t nearly done yet!