2016 parade of spirits COLORING poster — download for YOU!!

here’s this year’s poster — rendered by béla and claudia with the use of béla’s birthday light box (a thing we learned about from the mundie family). we took photos of previous years’ spirits, and the kids traced them. tucker resized everything so it looked like an actual “parade” coming through. and claudia did some AMAZING lettering.


note, that there are two bélas. i think my favorite figure is ruby the deer. although i do also like rob and his boomba, and i like the way that “chris”, such as he is, is peeking out of das mädchen.

as always, we are grateful to the Penn Treaty Special Services District for helping to make our event possible.


and here’s miss claudia, coloring a poster (and giving a foretelling of the earache that would plague the rest of the evening. luckily, we had spent the afternoon making bath bombs with marian and zoe — to give out at parade of spirits, in fact — and she had a nice hot rose-scented bath that helped her feel better.)

after posting on FB that we would be ready to bring posters to northern liberties later this week (we had even bought four-packs of crayola crayons — just like you get in a diner with a coloring placemat!) a preschool teacher asked where she could get some of the posters for her class. i’m sure ben would have driven them up himself, but shortly, parade of spirits friend toni suggested that we make the poster available as a printable PDF for anyone who wanted to color it!

and so we have. there it is, at the link below. use “tabloid” sized paper (11 X 17″) and you’ve got yourself a poster to color.

we depend on you to bring color to this event every year. each and every one of you brings something we couldn’t ourselves. this poster is yours as much as parade of spirits is — so enjoy, and feel free to share.