parade of spirits summer camp (BETA)

by the way — kinda late to be reporting on it, i know, but we got a little bit of a start on a dream in the last week of august.

we believe that it will be possible to offer some summer programming in philly, featuring parade of spirits’ skills and crafts. this year, we did not want to get in over our heads, so we kept it as simple as possible — ben and i traded homes, projects and kids, back and forth with the mundie family (a longtime krampuslauf philadelphia/POS family).

in the post-analysis, some things were not surprising:

— the kids spent as much if not more time doing the projects we had planned for them doing things on their own, disappearing entirely, and watching gamarjobat videos on youtube

— when i told ben “get very easy, not-weird-food snacks for the mundie boys, they are not primal and they do not eat a lot of the foods we eat,” he came home with SWEET POTATO SMOOTHIE BOXES, and the kids gave him heck for it (he switched to smartfood)

— most of the projects that we planned did get completed and can be used in some way for this year’s parade of spirits. ben’s big dynamic spooky hands are still a bit under construction, but the hessian (our new word for “burlap” thanks to our scottish pals) faces came out really well (and a weird guy exposed himself to us!), and the beautiful large sheet the kids shibori dyed with kate will be the “body” of our ‘obby ‘oss/Rook costume this year.

and for me, the utter highlight of the week (because it is nice to be trusted, and it is empowering to teach another kid how to safely handle fire) was aidan using a palm torch. i wouldn’t say he was in “performance mode”, but he was working it.


they also pitched a tent together, all on their own.


i think next year new projects, even just a few more kids, could make this a super-fun week that makes our december event even better. (wait until you see all of the hessian tree spirit faces this year!) i was really glad we did this and am very grateful to kate mundie for all that she did with the kids… the shibori is amazing.


anyone who is interested in participating next summer, feel free to drop ideas anytime!!