workshop at laurel hill cemetery!! (AND busking for LUX ARATI!)

we were very excited when the historic laurel hill cemetery offered us space for our workshop this year! laurel hill is a special place, “leading the way in redefining cemeteries in American culture at large, proving daily that places of rest for the dead can also be sites of recreation, education and entertainment for the living.” well, we’d already seen an amazing ghostly circus there a few years ago, and had attended their halloween celebration this year — so we KNEW they did a great job.

we decided to run this year’s workshop as an “independent together” work day — no guest artist, no planned tutorial, just others helping others, or working on their own projects. that proved to be more exciting — and have more special guest stars — than expected! more on that later.

our other big focus was the continued construction of faux fire dance props — hoops, fans, and fire pots for kids. members of our FAVORITE fire and bellydance troupe, lux arati, came to workshop to help make props AND to choreograph some simple movies for the kids mini flow showcase for krampuslauf!

you will remember that we did a mini flow showcase for the first time at krampuslauf philadelphia last year. we gave the kids poi, spinning plates and hoops, played an of Montréal xmas track, and let them loose for a little over two minutes. this year we decided to get a LITTLE more organized. achievable… but also, a little something to reach for.

this year’s track? well, this is the year to honor him, so it is sir christopher lee’s “jingle hell”.

now, by no means would i consider giving away the surprise of all the choreography before the actual event! but this video of tara teaching béla his fire pot routine… well it’s just too wonderful to miss.

our whole photo album from the event is here. you will see that we had two cozy rooms PLUS a kitchen, which lent a lovely homey feel to the workshop. every year, the workshops are so different! i really think this was one of my favorites though.

so while we had many of our usual crowd there, some of them were doing unusual things. neil had brought a large-format camera, and film (film!) currently being handmade in new england. he got some interesting pictures.

we also had visitors whose work we had admired — and interacted with — for some time, but we had never met the artists in person! it was amazing to have asia eriksen of werepups and her whole family come to the workshop! asia’s daughter ember rehearsed for the flow showcase, and, as many here know, asia doesn’t just make werewolf babies anymore…

actual first response: "... is it a lamb?"
actual first response: “… is it a lamb?”


asia is the creator of our very own baby krampus, konstantin! an important member of the family, although we learned quickly, a krampus baby does NOT interact like a human baby when it comes to the rest of the family.

he has some dolls to help him learn how to put bad children in a bag.
he has some dolls to help him learn how to put bad children in a bag.


asia was working on another krampus baby at workshop, and her husband anders brought some latex krampus masks he had made. these are artists working in a really different medium than we are used to, and they were right there along with us!


thank you for the mask, anders.
thank you for the mask, anders.


we also met, for the first time, artist jeffro kilpatrick! jeffro had contacted krampuslauf philadelphia last year offering to do our poster — which had already been designed by lachlan herrick.

midyear, i was able to get in touch with jeffro he created, gratis, the poster for the amazing ASPERGER’S ARE US show that tucker and i helped organize at drexel university! and to our delight, he checked in again this krampuslauf season and said he’d just come to workshop to draw (even though we do have a poster in the works) — and that we could use his design as a procession route marker. super cool! and great to meet him — another huge fan of lance henriksen is always worth meeting!

it was a lovely, busy workshop and the very next day, we got a chance to give back to our lovely luxie ladies, who were having a fund raising event at our own liberty lands. we went to see the show — but our kids also wanted to give EXTRA support, with the power of BUSKING. on STILTS.

having walked with the hungry ghost busking troup during all souls in tuscon, the kids GOT busking. and they were ready.
having walked with the hungry ghost busking troup during all souls in tuscon, the kids GOT busking. and they were ready.


who is going to say no to kids on stilts carrying popcorn containers, asking for a dollar to support their favorite fire dancers? well — fewer people than if they WEREN’T kids on stilts! that is for sure.



handing the cash they’d made over to the dancers at the end of the night really made the kids feel empowered. whooo! nicole has devil eyes!


WOW. this entire account was of the weekend FOLLOWING the one where we went to tucson for all souls, and in between these weekends we went to a GWAR concert! we are trying to slow it down a bit this week. we are grateful as anything to LAUREL HILL CEMETERY, LUX ARATI, and all our krampuslauf family for making it another workshop weekend to remember in 2015!