FAUX FIRE HOOPS! a tutorial


2014’s “kids’ mini flow showcase” at krampuslauf was a blast. it may only have been three minutes long — and the kids may have announced at the midpoint of that three minutes that they had used up every trick they had practiced (with hoops, spinning plates, and other props) — but darned if they didn’t just do it all again when the audience yelled at them to keep going until the song was over.

for 2015, we thought that we would use some of our creative energies to puzzle out how to make some faux fire props for the kids to try. the ladies of lux arati generously offered to come to this year’s workshop — which will be held (also generously) at the historic laurel hill cemetery on saturday, november 14 — to teach the kids some simple choreography that they could practice before lauf. this is the best of everything — an exciting new place to have our workshop, MORE for the kids to do (while krampuslauf should always be fun, it’s also nice to add a little challenge to it for those up to such), and some new “how do we make this?” hurdles for us.

with a goal of three types of props for the mini-showcase, we can now present the easiest, least expensive, and least time-consuming of the props we have tried so far: the faux fire hoop!

make one at home or at the workshop; all you need is a child-sized hula hoop (28″ is the outside measurement on the ones we made, which gives room for eight nicely-spaced “wicks”; some aluminum foil and masking tape, some decorative “duck” tape from a craft store (this happens to be silver tape, but is not serious “duct tape”) and some LED “votives” (which usually come in boxes of a few dozen.)

the first thing you do is wrap your hoop in tape. doing it a bit on the diagonal (as ben shows here) makes it come out nice and smooth, not lumpy.


fauxfirehoops_2next, take a piece of aluminum foil and fold it in half (no specific measurements here, but enough to crunch up some. see the picture of ben holding the votive on the folded foil for scale).


begin to wrap and mold the foil around the sides and bottom of the votive, to make a firm little cup that fits it snugly. do not make it any taller than the votive itself; in fact, make it a smidge shorter, so that a teeny bit of the votive sticks out (it will be easier to get at for switching on and off.)




cover your votive holder inside and out with masking tape. this will reduce it’s inside measurement a bit, making it even more snug, and that’s good.




place your votive cup onto the hoop and use a piece of your decorative tape — with which you covered your hoop earlier — to affix the votive cup to the hoop. you’ll start inside the cup, go around the cup and hoop, and come up the other side — and then use a second piece to “fill in the space” horizontally between the cup and hoop. now they are all part of the same structure!




turn on your votives and fit them inside. we did a bit of field testing (literally, in a field, during the lunar eclipse and blood moon) and found that (naturally) KIDS LOVE FAUX FIRE HOOPS, but also that, yes, snug or not, the votives will fly out. while we have no standardized method yet, both loops of gorilla tape and velcro dots hold things in longer.



stay tuned for more information about our workshop this year! if your child would like to participate in the kids mini-flow “FIRE” showcase for krampuslauf philadelphia 2015, please e mail krampuslauf.philly@gmail.com so we can give you more information!