KP:POS at the EverNever Night Market

the KP:POS night market crew, minus tuck, who was beating the shit out of a microwave with a crowbar. photo by steve schultz.
the KP:POS night market crew, minus tuck, who was beating the shit out of a microwave with a crowbar. photo by steve schultz.


did you ever hear of the everNever night market? i hadn’t, but my friend amani told me about it when she heard it was coming to philly; she thought a krampuslauf philadelphia-sponsored mask making truck would be a good thing to have there.

here’s why i really wanted to apply: i loved hearing that the founder of the event didn’t care whether people had a good time at it or not.

“Not that I don’t care about your experience. I am really glad you enjoyed it. But that has never been the focus of Lost Horizon Night Market. It’s always been about giving.

It’s about giving people a forum to try: to do something that has been an idea but never had the space to grow.

It’s about giving people an excuse to connect through a common goal: to pull together a bunch of people and come out at the end better people and tighter friends.

It’s about people sharing a secret: reaching out to those who you know live for this, or need a new way to look at life.”

that’s very much our line of thinking at KP:POS. so we put in a proposal, and we got a space.


linda and ruby made some wonderful signage to get people thinking about why they might want to make masks. not just for coming to krampuslauf. but for themselves.



we ended up with a VERY busy truck. and it was HOT in there. we had brought a lot of finished masks as examples of the foil and tape technique, and we gave some away — you can’t hold on to everything. we were happy to meet friends from carnivale de resistance finally, and we all got an opportunity to go participate in the other trucks. some of the best moments went unrecorded by iPhone cameras; tucker’s experience in the smash truck, though, was documented by the sketch reporter.

i had a very good fortune-telling by tasker morris dressed as a penis, and he told me i would continue to make masks and help other people to make masks, but i had yet to make my greatest mask — which was very large, and which would SPIN.

i have to say though that i was totally starstruck at meeting needles jones. what made me really, really happy is that me being starstruck by meeting needles, made needles happy too!!



krampuslauf philadelphia has become so, so much more than just krampus. or just december. it really is taking on it’s own life, this parade of spirits.

here is the entire album of photographs from the everNevernight market.