today is june 12. it is exactly six months until krampuslauf philadelphia 2015, which will be our fifth lauf.

we get bigger every year. and there are more krampus events all over america every year now. maybe there is one closer to where you live, and you want to go there. maybe you want to take a big drive to philly to play with us. maybe you want to do both.

but it is our job, now that there are more krampus events than ever (in addition to a few big budget movies coming out this holiday season), to let you know more about what makes us unique. that might make us feel more right for you, or maybe not so much. in either case, we will feel more sure that the real vibe of our event is getting out there!

so we present, six months to the day before we head to liberty lands, the THREE first installments of a new series called KRAMPUSLAUF PHILADELPHIA VOICES. in these pieces, ANYONE who has ever attended krampuslauf may interview ANYONE ELSE who has ever attended krampuslauf and talk about what makes the event special for them. our plan is to shoot for one conversation a month, after this first big grand opening explosion of three very different — and very can’t-really-imagine-it-without-them — krampuslauf philadephia family members: fire dancer nicole vergalla, photographer steve schultz, and personification of a haunted bell tower and great love of my children, sam moon rafferty. (we will put nicole’s up today, steve’s up saturday, and sam’s up sunday.)

in true krampuslauf philadelphia fashion, we will NOT be focusing too hard on being slick, and in this case that means with the audio. all three of the initial interviews were conducted by phone using an app called TapeACall and edited as well as possible in, either garage band or audible (thanks to ben!) … again, we are making either position of this project available to anyone in our tribe. you can also be on both sides of it at one point or another! (quite a few of you might). please contact me at do.the.ripley@gmail if you wish to do an interview. who do you wish you’d gotten to know better at the last krampuslauf? we’ll set you up!

because of the sometimes “am radio call-in show” quality of the audio (although i think you will find the intro and outro bits EXTREMELY impressive), transcripts for each interview will be provided in the blog link. interviews will be embedded in their posts on this site and also available on krampuslauf philadelphia’s soundcloud, in case you are in the mood to make a playlist.

thank you to ben, tuck, steve, nicole, and sam for getting the ball rolling, thank you to cory hutchenson for the technical advice, and thank you to one of my new favorite people ever, adam teterus, for inviting me to brainstorm with him (he came up with this; it made my heart sing; i hope we do his idea justice.) and thank you to austria’s krampus metal band VIOLENZIA for the theme music!