2014 maker workshop at iMPeRFeCt gallery with cardboard artist mykl wells

this year we had a visiting artist come to workshop with us. it was mykl wells, who shared his skills with us at a distance (from tuscon) in 2012, when he taught us to make lanterns. linda reinterpreted his tutorial somewhat, but those lanterns have been a big part of lauf.

but this year he wanted to come play with us for real. in real life. now we were going to have actual mykl all to ourselves.

people fought over who got to keep him at their house.

how do you show an out-of-towner a good time in philly? you take him to see martha graham cracker. almost straight from the airport. (he got to come to our house first, have a piece of pizza and watch the children struggle over their various advent calendars. then we were off.)



a great show. martha is reliable. and martha zeroed in on mykl, actually, saying he looked like a shy, painter type. then she inspected his hands and decided they didn’t really look like painter’s hands after all and she’d been wrong.


later in the weekend, we had our workshop at iMPeRFeCT gallery in germantown, where we SORT of had our workshop last year, except for the fact that it got cancelled due to snow (but only after we had all GOTTEN there. with the half-made das mädchen. in the u-haul.) this year things went MUCH more smoothly and oh the fun of having a visiting artist! while mykl shared skills with many, we also had the heathen contingent of krampuslauf philadelphia working together on their banner; we had helen sewing stilt pants; we had kids in the courtyard spinning poi, and we had chris working on claudia’s baby mädchen costume!

all the pictures from the workshop are here, but my favorites of the day were both taken by renny molenaar:






and béla’s lanterns, among others, is a work of art.



mykl has been in linda’s studio for the last few days… there is going to be a surprise. even for me, it will be a surprise! meanwhile, work continues here at home with costumes and lanterns. we are almost there!