krampuslauf philadelphia: parade of spirits yearly minimal merchandising is now at hand!

we usually publish a “yearbook” after lauf in january. it took me until november to get the 2013 book done. it was a much bigger season and it’s a much bigger book. all three years’ worth of books are available for sale. there’s no question that they are not cheap! we price them just a few dollars above cost. but they are really lovely quality, and the families who come to krampuslauf with children always particularly appreciate the books.



we also have a new t-shirt design this year, created by claudia — it’s an illustration of das mädchen (with chris inside) and these can either be mailed, or you may choose a special option for pickup at lauf and not pay the shipping charge. order now so you can be sure to have one!




the only other item of memorabilia we may have this year is our poster, and we’ve decided that it will be available for a small donation to the cost of the lauf — probably five bucks — but will be available ONLY for pickup at lauf (yeah, you’re gonna have to find ben, tucker or i and follow us back to our car!)