philadelphia pagan pride 2014, with krampuslauf philadelphia

last year the first philadelphia pagan pride day was organized by our friend rob schrweier, who has been both belsnickel and gedrier eckhardt at krampuslauf philadelphia. rob has brought a lot of folklore knowledge to our event for the past few years and has been asked, in fact, to be our official “starter”, and it is rob who has given us our “second name”,  PARADE OF SPIRITS.

we did a collage craft at the pagan pride kids’ table for krampuslauf. it’s a craft we’ve done before at liberty lands’ fall festival, but this time instead of using antique images of krampus, we were able to use images from our own event!


we had a super-great time at the festival and highly recommend it. we brought lots of flow toys and it was a great way to make new friends.



here is the link to all of our photos from philadelphia pagan pride day 2014 on flickr. it’s an event we highly recommend, one of the most family friendly (aside from krampuslauf philadelphia!) that you can find in philadelphia.