arun’s first visit!

so. first, there was a long time ago.

this brings back memories!!!
this brings back memories!!!


before ever meeting each other, arun inspired me to start krampuslauf philadelphia, and we have talked one another through each others third and fourth laufs to date. i knitted him that krampus as a way of saying “hi”, more or less before we’d ever had much conversation at all.

also, before ever meeting each other, he designed a four part tattoo for four people, among whom i am one. (after 43 years of swearing there was nothing on earth that would ever warrant commemoration on my body with ink.)

for his bloomsday birthday, our family has, two years running, recorded bloomsday readings for his use, and i wish i had the picture of what my particular reading inspired last year. but i think i deleted that photo from my phone. goodness though, i should make those readings available, at least last year’s. ben, tucker and the children all did a bang-up job. well, why not, here’s a playlist of all of them. 

anyway, all this before ever laying eyes on him. that is how the world works.

and then, there was the last few weeks — when arun came to visit. he held a mask-making workshop and did an installation at iMPeRFeCT gallery which will be up for the next three weeks, at which point he will be back for a community dinner and to talk about his work some more. we got to eat crepes, listen to “jesus christ superstar” and craft together, and went to a free boy george concert!



we did g-town radio together!


(click below to listen to the entire show!)

here are all our photos from the visit, including the maskmaking workshop photos.

a little video from the workshop as well is included in that set.

other best moments include…




we are happy arun will be back in a few weeks!