parade of spirits: artifacts of krampuslauf philadelphia, a group exhibition

Krampus invite.doc

yes! that’s happening, and the opening is this saturday, january 18th.

feel free to follow along on flickr to see us hanging and enjoying the show.

also, this morning ben and i were on g-town radio talking to the infamous ed feldman. what we had thought would be a ten minute or so interview went for well over an hour! we had a great time.


ed feldman is a treasure. we had a great time!

and, in an incredibly timely coincidence, renny and rocio of iMPeRFeCT gallery were featured the day before the opening on artblog radio. they are the reason we ventured to germantown in the first place and we love them!!!

please also enjoy the beautifully made “the artwork has left the building”: video by gary reed