gifts we exchange

even though i am late getting up the post about this year’s lauf itself i wanted to make note of all the gifts that went back and forth between and within our lauf and others’. we had a small craft exchange sign-up last year which sort of half-happened, and i had my usual goal of making special gifts for the krampus groups with which we have the closest year-long relationships. some surprises came to our house, too!


my mantle got krampussy with handmade sculptures by marva holmes in seattle, and from sam moon rafferty.



i made a krampus hat that lori designed for herself… this was part of “craft exchange” in that lori took my kids overnight this summer and let me go to manhattan with the rest of my family, which counts.


the biggest surprise of all that came this year was from chris steffler of austria, who was the subject of our interview with the krampus last year. he had this bust made for me from langegger masken, and it is even inscribed “for frau perchta”. i knew chris was a sweetheart, but i was really amazed by this!



portland is the city we have exchanged gifts with the longest. i was thrilled when arun sent us this banner, which he had beaten with birch switches coated in pokeberry dye. it’s so cool!


my gift for the cities of portland, pittsburgh and los angeles were these “beautiful” frau/”crone” frau perchta topsy-turvy dolls that i knitted.




and also, here are some things i made during the craft exchange — knitted gruß vom krampus balls — one for marva, and one for rob, who gave me marshmallow plant seeds, which i also consider a perfectly crafty gift!



we also received a lovely gift package from RVA krampusnacht in richmond VA, a town where we have a loved one and like to have an extra reason to visit! we hope to strengthen our relationship with that group as well as others in this coming year! and on the night of lauf itself, my hands were full of gifts i had not expected — a hand-designed krampus bell from michael at believe it tour, a “hello krampus” magnet from kyle, vintage postcards from michael, and st. nikolas, krampus and angel cookie cutters AND a t-shirt from bryan demory. i am very touched. i am glad we do what we do!!