once again, wolfgang böhm makes my day

he made my day last year when he first contacted me. he made all of our days with his krampus live from austria videocasts.

he taught me what a habergeiß was and how to say it!

as much as i wish he would let me share the whole thing, he’s convinced his english is not as good as it could be (and it’s very good). but he said it was ok to share parts of his message to me yesterday, which made my day.

“About your philosophy and your recent posts on the whole Krampus Lauf thing let me say this:

I am very very grateful that I got to know you…. exploring something I loved and got excited about as a child inspired me in a way nothing ever has before. I took a closer look and found a new approach on the whole Krampus thing, something that just made my life better and got me in touch with a lot of wonderful people. And I am not just talking Facebook friends….

All of that happened because you showed me how to take this whole Krampus thing and make it a social nexus for people to bond over art and culture – simply how to form a community. It wasn’t before I heard about your Lauf, that I realized what tradition is really all about.

so you see, I don’t care that what you do is probably not following the “rules” of Alpine folklore – the real heart of your Lauf lies within the people you gathered and the community you built. That is exactly what I will try to communicate on Dec. 14th.

I hope you can keep the spirit alive. Snow is fun though ;)”

thank you wolfgang, you know i wish you were here.

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