weather challenges continue. but you expected a big sappy post from me this year as usual, right?


lorelei sweeney sent me this photo this morning, of her kids making a snowman wearing the krampus hat i made lori. she also sent me a message concerning this weekend’s dicey weather: “Der Habergeiß wird in Philadelphia laufen! It’s gonna be fantastic! Fuck everything else.”

i have had chris carson in my home for up to twelve hours a day lately, building one of the most amazing things i have ever seen… and thanking ME for letting him be there. my friend regina — known for a few years now as the friend who literally ran through a neighbors home, across three backyards, onto the roof of my house and through béla’s bedroom window at a time i was stuck home alone and too sick to take care of my kids alone — was here yesterday sewing knees onto the habergeiß. the support i receive from linda soffer, janet finegar, and jhon sanders, just to name a few, gets me through this week every year. and this year, even though we have already been challenged with a snowed-out workshop, it has gotten me through.

we do not know what is going to happen with the weather saturday. we are looking at our options. i cannot guarantee that people’s travel plans will work out the way they thought they would or that the event will be exactly the same as it would if we had a clear saturday. but i can guarantee this: something amazing is going to happen. saturday, sunday, sometime soon. tucker said to me this morning, “this will find it’s slot”. and that was the beginning of a new understanding for me. (i used to wonder exactly how an eighteen year-old boy could be such a good friend to a 42 year old crone-in-training like me, and now we’re about to be 20 and 44, so i guess there’s no time limit on figuring that one.)

these magical items being made in homes and studios will be coming out. that is the whole point of this celebration. it’s winter. we have no control over it, but we also do not have to let it control us. the first rule of krampuslauf has always been that you are responsible for your own fun and some of someone else’s. we hope that the weather does not make things inconvenient or difficult this year, but i want everyone to mediate on this, if i may ask you to: krampuslauf philadelphia is not for you. it IS you. and whether it looks like we thought it was going to or not — even if we are a small group going door to door with our beautiful lanterns and monsters, whenever the most of us are free to do it — it will be happening.

please think hard about the deepest and best meaning of this event, and be glad, and be hopeful, and be ready. we will continue with updates!

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