a few things to buy to support krampuslauf philadelphia

we are not a merchy lauf. but there are a few things we’ve got (and won’t have forever — except for the books, which are print on demand) and i wanted to remind people about them.

we still have krampuslauf philadelphia t-shirts available, although not very many at all. you may want to get on it!

the shirts came out fantastic and people tell us that they are one of the favorites in the drawer just by feel. i am NOT sure we will print again this year or at all, and likely not again with this design, so if you had wanted one of the originals, follow the link above.

the yearbook from our inaugural lauf in 2011 is still available via blurb, as is last year’s yearbook. i really don’t know what i’d do without my copies — they are almost pocket-sized and easy to share with people when trying to describe our event. not only are they full of photos but each has essay and craft features!

and don’t forget that artist len peralta is at lauf this year and we are asking for $30 donations to the lauf for people to get themselves (up to a party of three) drawn by len. he WILL be busy — you SHOULD sign up ahead of time.

that’s all for now! the only other item on deck will be this year’s poster, designed by james g. mundie and we have made no determination of how available those will be, although knowing us, it will be “make a donation of whatever and i’ll have ben go get you one out of the car” on the night of lauf. maybe we’ll be more organized but i’m not sure.