krampuslauf philadelphia t-shirts!

Please note: At least for the moment, all shirts are SOLD OUT.

definitely fabulous. possibly the only ones ever. (seriously, i am just NOT a selly person and very less-is-more with the merch.)

all shirts are printed with the discharge ink process. when your shirt arrives it will feel like a normal t-shirt — you will feel the ink sitting atop the design. but after a single wash, all that feel is gone. with your eyes closed, you cannot tell where the image is by touch. a very soft feel. and very nice shirts! ben claims this is his new favorite tee. i don’t know what’s the matter with his face. i don’t even care.

in the UNISEX tee (60% cotton, 40% poly), there are two colors: dark charcoal and black. ben is seen here in the dark charcoal.


on the dark charcoal shirt, the discharge pops very white. on the black, it does a little less so — the image is a little greyer, almost antiqued. it has a kinda japanese woodblock print look to it. it’s the one i prefer, but the difference is subtle enough that i was not able to get a photograph of the black one that really showed the difference.

the type on the front — and on the back, where it says liberty lands — is scanned from the wood type used to print the krampuslauf philadelphia 2012 letterpressed posters. because i nevah. evah. do anything. nice. and easy.

the t shirt is also offered in WOMENS cut, in 100% cotton, in a grey slightly lighter than the dark charcoal here.

ALL shirts have a red tongue!!!

you may remember that kids’ shirts were discussed. we had a few printed, but they did not have any black/dark-colored t-shirts in childs’ sizes. we used a lime green, and while it’s OK, it’s just a test and we did so few that i’m actually just saving them to give to the hardcore krampuslauf philly kids i know. so they are total collectors items and not for sale! (and so maybe we will reprint and be able to get kid sizes in the dark colors, but again, when it involves commerce i lose interest so quickly.)

(i know that might be a little disappointing to some who wanted them, but i can so clearly picture the moms who just clapped excitedly, because they know they’re on the freebie list for all the work they put into this event.)

because we wanted to see if we could make a little money to offset 2013 costs, these shirts are offered at the fundraising price of $25 (plus $5 priority mail shipping). (if you wish to order multiple shirts, please e mail us first so we can figure out shipping.) too much? don’t buy any! we’ll wear them all. (they really are nice shirts. oh, also, they are tagless, and feature a rather nice little surprise in place of the tag.)

To order, choose a style, color and size and click the appropriate link:

(or if you are local, just make a coffee date with me.)

Again, at least for the time being, all shirts are sold out!