traditional krampus play.

our austrian pal wolfgang had told me about krampus “plays” earlier this season. they harken back to an older time, and i knew he was interested in seeing if he could get a translation of the one performed in his own father’s village for many years. as it turns out — he transcribed and translated this one!

as wolfgang says, “It’s a thing for mostly meant for children – yes, maybe even a little bit on an educational tool. It is of course moralistic, outdated – I think even a little barbaric – and needs to be adapted into the society it is supposed to speak to. However it is supposed to be an intense experience for people to bond over. It strengthens the bond even between generations because the children experience it very intensely and the adults remember how it felt for them when they were children.” he also says that the dialect in which this play is spoken is so isolated to this village that people literally 20m away might not know what is being said here!