up on the housetop…

well, not quite up on the housetop, but a few steps up a ladder and béla could see this puppet from his bedroom window. which wouldn’t be a good thing.


ben tried on the big backpack puppet today. this was our first attempt at making a backpack puppet and we aren’t sure he’s 100% finished — he gets handed off tomorrow to one more creative household, and so he may or may not retain the large “little orphan krampus” eyes, but as janet as pointed out, they make him look a bit like no face from spirited away. he also kinda looks like gonzo. he also kinda looks like a large amazon box, because mostly he is.


i had come up with an idea for who i wanted this particular krampus to be before we started making him in earnest last saturday. i had begun seeing a sort of “ghost of krampus present”… a krampus who had suddenly, and without a whole lot of forethought, decided that he didn’t want to be punitive anymore — and wanted to love you. so he’s a little… bad at it. ungainly. poor judge of personal space. with a holly-spewing tongue.


here is my husband, trying on the puppet today. if he were not going to be wearing his own krampus costume on saturday, i’m sure he’d be happy to wear the puppet. but again, he never says no to me. ben and i more or less stopped giving each other christmas presents when we started krampuslauf. even keeping it lo-fi and on the cheap takes something, and ben, again, just happily says yes. he is here for me when i am worried, he has never ONCE said “gee, i dunno about this…” and although ben is a shy and quiet person, he got out there last year, put on a krampus costume, and worked it — with a lot of personality. our kids are so proud to have krampus for a daddy.

here’s a video of ben trying out the puppet for the first time. not every detail is filled in here, and a black-clothed puppeteer and a little sundown will work on our favor. but you can’t deny how wonderous this is. and if you can… i don’t know what to do with you.

it’s hard to say how long anyone can bear the physical duty of wearing the puppet, so if you’ve ever wanted to wear one, let us know — maybe folks can take turns! in a way i’m worried he’ll fall apart any moment but no matter what, i can say that instead of spending time at the mall this christmas season, i made a giant krampus puppet with my family and friends.

the horns, by the way, are the big pair sent to us by big damn heroes workshop. as planned.