maker workshop 2012

first, all the pictures can be seen here. it was an amazing day… hours and HOURS longer than last year’s workshop, but in a MUCH bigger space, MUCH kid-friendlier (did i even SEE my kids for the eight hours i was at workshop today?) and i have huge thanks to give to PHILLY KIDS’ GYM for just… giving us the space, and the day.

we had a lot of makers, a lot of projects, a lot of enthusiasm, and a very big busy day.

there were prints and collages and cards.



and handpuppets.




and the beginnings of some surprises.



and lanterns!



oh and noisemakers.


a big day… still a lot of work to do for lauf next weekend, but tomorrow our family is having an all-day pajama party (only going to venture out to get what we need to make chex mix) of christmas movies and rest!!

THANK YOU to everyone who donated materials, prep time, skills, space, to the maker workshop. it makes a HUGE DIFFERENCE and i hope it was wonderful for you… it was really special for all of us!!

A lovely testimonial:

I just wanted to tell you again how fabulous yesterday’s craft/making workshop was. I realized after I got home that it took me back to the “advent workshops” of my Lutheran childhood, where all of the Sunday school kids and families would have an afternoon of making ornaments and decorations (glitter, glue, styrofoam, Popsicle sticks, pipe-cleaners, etc) followed by a potluck supper and lots of cookies (rice pudding courtesy of my mother). It’s exactly the kind of thing I want to share with (my daughter), except without the Lutheran repression and guilt baggage. Yay krampus! I’m so glad we got to be a part of it. And what a great place to have it!