from austria

after sharing his amazing photo of a young girl doffing her krampus mask in austria — one of the best kid-empowerment, female-empowerment photos i have seen in a long time — i received two wonderful e mails from the photo’s maker, wolfgang böhm.

“Hi there,

I am a photo journalist and graphic designer from Austria – the very home of the Krampus as you all know. I did a lot of Krampuslauf photo series during the last weeks and while researching on the web, I came across the Philadelphia Krampuslauf.

I really really love what you are doing! It makes me happy and proud, that the Krampus inspires people so far away. Since my earliest childhood the Krampus tradition has always been a very important part of my life and I always found new approaches to participate in these wonderful tradition. Lately it has been photography. Through my work I also came in touch with various photographers in the US and when they saw my Krampus images, they all wanted an event like this in the States. So I know there are people just waiting for this to happen….
So thank you all for making the Krampus known in the US and keep on that great work!

…After reading only half way through this interview (the interview with janet and amber from Many Mouths One Stomach),I realized that you have understood the spirit of this tradition better, than most folks here in Austria who organize a Krampuslauf.

It is – or at least it should be – about community and not about show! That is how it started and this is the very core of the custom.”

what an amazing start to the day.

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