obviously i am a very DIY person, but i have a soft-spot for the mass-produced as well — i mean, don’t those old 1970s molded plastic halloween masks bring back great memories? — so, if i like it, i like it.

i knew there were krampus masks out there for purchase, but nothing had ever really grabbed me… too metal, too halloween-creepy. and then, last night, i fell in love.

with a mask made in pittsburgh. yes, my beloved castle-in-the-sky, pittsburgh.

teenie harris, randylandand now this, from specter studios.


and go through the whole specter studios site — it’s INCREDIBLE — and happily they are welcoming the idea of us taking a look next time we are in pgh!

and i am honored to say that the mask i purchased today was THE VERY FIRST PURCHASE OF THE SPECTER STUDIOS KRAMPUS MASK. EVER.


excited to get this. it looks like a keeper.