want some big damn horns? make them with this tutorial from big damn heroes workshop

it was crazy enough to have someone from tennessee just message us on FB and ask if krampuslauf philadelphia wanted some horns…

but sara from big damn heroes workshop even shared her tutorial. no “trade secrets” here — just trading secrets. which is really the coolest.

and as much as i want to see this tutorial in action, sara did spoil us by actually making three sets of horns for us — two very large, one smaller. the largest (the ones ben tried on) are hopefully going to go on our backpack puppet. the others are up for grabs at maker workshop on december 8th (check facebook for more details.)

will YOU be trying this tutorial? will you be bringing your horns to maker workshop to put on your mask? bring your foil and tape, too!

and read big damn heroes’ blog.
reading sara’s account of wearing a large handmade costume, and how alienating, and freeing, it can be, really had me laughing. if only more people in the world got to have this feeling!!

what’s stopping you?!

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