krampus collage craft (for fall festival at liberty lands!)

we have prepped our krampus consciousness-raising craft for the liberty lands fall festival (sunday, october 28). this is an idea i filched from the pittsburgh children’s museum’s “wizard of oz” exhibit this past summer. we present: postcard-sized krampus collages, in four styles.

béla’s exemplar utilizes an image of a victorian krampus stuffing some kids in his basket. béla has placed skyscrapers behind krampus, as well as “a ramp” in the foreground. (because we are all about accessibility.)

claudia’s exemplar utilized an image of a little girl holding a krampus doll. (the greeting at the bottom of the image is either in polish or czech i think.) and although claudia’s collage-work somewhat obscures the image… you have to give credit to her for using a plastic net onion bag as a skirt for the little girl!

come make a collage with us at liberty lands fall festival on sunday, october 28! we have two other designs on acetate with which to make collages, in addition to many collage papers (including vietnamese funeral votive papers, very exciting images on those).

we will also bring the makings for a few krampus garlands, and wire chenille krampusse. see you on the 28th!