transregional lauf gift exchange

When our portland and philadelphia krampuslaufs became siblings — and in fact a year before the philly lauf had even occurred — these cities’ organizers strengthened their relationship through a gift exchange — unplanned, but which created the strong roots for the promotion of goodwill, rather than spectacle-oriented competition, between emerging Krampus groups.

this brings back memories!!!

in philly, i knitted a large Krampus doll for arun to take on his first lauf. last year, arun provided screenprinted krampus goodies, including a tabard and kerchiefs, for philadelphia.

photo by steve schultz

In 2012, as we see more krampus groups forming throughout the US, arun has proposed (and i am already preparing boxes for) an interlauf gift exchange between all forming groups. krampuslaufs can take some preparation of costuming and noisemakers, as we know; but to send even one item of goodwill to every other forming group, to show support for their lauf and to encourage and promote transregionalism, is worth the extra effort.

there’s no need to try to outfit another village’s lauf entirely — but to exchange even a single item is our goal. here in philly, i’ve committed to try to send one handmade krampus handpuppet to every participating US lauf this year. If other krampus crafts — maybe some of last year’s noisemakers or cardboard puppets, or a new craft from this year — also make it into each box, that will be extra fun as well!

making small talismans for sending to other villages can also be a way to encourage full family involvement. some of the small items made and given in Philly last year included: cinnamon dough Krampus ornaments, and wired chenille krampus pals.

all that matters (we think) is that it is something handmade that represents your lauf, and that it is given with goodwill to all other laufing villages who wish to participate in this exchange.

let us know about your lauf! let us know if you want to particpate in the exchange!