you will believe in love.

“perhaps creating something is nothing but an act of profound remembrance.” — rainer maria rilke

convergence steered my knitting life this week. within a 24 hour period, jhon sanders of many mouths one stomach (if you pay attention to nothing else in this post, go there and read their mission) had put out a call for extra help with the procession of little angels part of tuscon AZ’s all souls procession this year. i cannot go to tuscon (not THIS year!), but felt compelled to take part somehow.

hours after seeing jhon’s message, a family friend — of the age to be included in the procession of little angels — mentioned the upcoming anniversary of her mother’s death. so i decided to take that upcoming date and use it to make a few small “somethings” to add to the collection of possible costuming components for the childrens’ procession in tuscon.

i had to limit myself out of the need to get back to other creeping deadlines (going away to college afghans, HALLOWEEN COSTUMES, not to mention krampus stuff), so i worked in the days leading up to, and on, this anniversary, and created — with a pattern i had found — six little stuffed knitted stars. i added some sparkly stuff to the edges to make them extra burny.

maybe they can be worn as ornaments or in garlands for the procession. jhon thinks they might be used for the childrens’ communal altar. but we don’t really have to figure out HOW they’ll work, or for whom; they’ll take care of themselves! i made what was in my heart, and it will be used by strangers and interpreted elsewhere. for me, that is right.

and this is something else i like about festal culture in particular: the stone soup approach, where you don’t worry about doing something for everyone or everything for one person, just put in what you can of yourself and then marvel at the bigger eventual whole. (which is, of course, always a deeper marveling than if you’d just stood on the sidelines and watched.)

i like this kind of knitting troubadorism. i wish i could take a year and do nothing except knit small projects in honor of others, just at the beck of anyone who asked — particularly if they would sit and tell me something about those people they wanted to remember, honor, or keep warm!

and they’re off!

contact the all souls procession
if you want to contribute to this event in any way. they will appreciate it, and this is really what it’s all about when it comes to festal culture — krampus or otherwise!