the krampuslauf philadelphia library

as i anxiously awaited the mail this week for the arrival of charles fréger’s wilder mann: the image of the savage — i realized that there is a whole shelf of books in my studio now dedicated to krampus-y stuff. it’s not all offically krampus-related… but it all helps me explore, and inspires me.

there are some obvious choices — monte beauchamp’s the devil in design, and of course krampus insider magazine, and the fascinating pagan christmas… and our own krampuslauf philly yearbook from 2011. but there’s also:

women’s spirituality and ritual by barbara g. walker

haunted air by ossian brown

maske and dressed for thrills by phyllis galembo

and others — books on puppet-making and percussion instrument-making seem to be on the rise…

and oh do i want the catalog from this show, les maîtres du désordre

roberta f. took this great photo at the exhibit in paris, (and this one too), and just everything i’ve seen about this show looks great to me…krampus and otherwise!!

sitting around perusing books is such a great way to get inspired to make stuff. especially fun with pals. we love sharing the library!