pittsburgh provides

this week we are in pittsburgh. the best thing about traveling for me is when i get some inspiration for a project i’m working on, and pittsburgh has been great for that!

one of our first stops was to a place that many krampus-lovers — given the assumption that many krampus-lovers are also zombie-lovers — dream of going. the monroeville mall, where the 1978 classic dawn of the dead was filmed.

enough of the original mall is intact that you could really feel the magic. and the monroeville zombies museum was great too! i picked up some info on DIY haunter/crafter tutorials. in the pittsburgh area, festal culture means zombies, and they are good at it.

we had an amazing time at the warhol museum, and then went to the truly incredible — and i’ve been to a LOT of children’s museums in the last four years — pittsburgh children’s museum. there, we did a craft that i think — with some adapting — will be PERFECT for the liberty lands fall festival’s krampus consciousness raising table!!

we also participated in some virtual puppeteering…

and i found a puppet who fell in with my own personal mythology about frau perchta.


i’ll be researching the fall krampus craft some more when i get home, and we will continue our great time in this GREAT town! (although the french fries in the salads…)