tongues — CHECK!

so, if you were planning on making some TONGUES to donate to the kids’ handpuppet workshop for the 2012 lauf season? — skip tongues. we have tongues from CAT and BOMBER in virginia, they are great! all handcut leather — and scored for easy stitching!

fuzzy side up, or slick side up? it’s a personal choice when it comes to a tongue.

we are still working on a post office box and will be updating soon on the “glorified sock puppet” pattern and our purchase of “muppet flesh” for dyeing grey and black! (hellloooooooo, nikki’s place.)

today’s tongues are sized perfectly for handpuppets, but for those wondering about eyes, horns, etc. — a video is forthcoming, which will show actual dimensions on handpuppet blanks, and suggestions for some of the more space-sensitive features.