we’re almost halfway back to krampus on the calendar… and it shows!

i had still been feeling unsure of how to let folks know of the sizing required for the features being donated for our handpuppet decentralization plan… but seek and ye shall find. we will be working directly from project puppet’s “glorified hand puppet” pattern, which gives us nice big open mouths too, and i will have a video up soon where i can show some specific measurements from which folks can work to make eyes, tongues, horns and the like.

making “glorified” handpuppets is a little more work than putting socks on hands, so anybody who wants to help make “blanks”, get in touch — krampuslauf.philly at gmail dot com.

also active in our house — two krampus-themed devil’s fiddles, one for ben, and one with a krampus hobby-horse head for béla. we’ll see how difficult these are to make, and see if it’s worth running a small workshop for making them this fall, but feedback is vital, so let us know if you are interested in these in particular. i am still serious when i say krampuslauf philly could utilize a “musical director”, but i don’t think the idea of it should scare anybody off — anybody with a percussion background who is willing to give a little creative input, and a little direction to a group on one to two occasions (once pre-lauf, once at lauf) would be massively great.

on other fronts, i have found THE perfect angel dress pattern for claudia this year (she still wants to be an angel, and she looked great last year but we bought her costume off-the-rack — it was some kind of “snow queen” halloween remainder — this year she is going to be twice as spectacular).

oh, and… today’s krampus-related purchase in our house? hundreds of black zip ties. think about it. if you dare!