the devil’s fiddle and other krampusy sounds

now that we have a plan for decentralizing the maker burden for the kids’ puppet/hat workshop, i’ve been thinking more about sound. this is one area in which we agreed we wished to see growth in 2012: a certain SOUND to krampuslauf, that had elements of the traditional (bells), as well as both ambient freedom (because there are kids, because there are newbies, because there is no skill barrier to entry for hitting a damn thing) as well as some cohesion and leadership.

groupthink in the krampuslauf philadelphia participants’ group on facebook brought out the idea of devil’s fiddles, and i think we should have some. as much as i’d like to make them available to the little people, they seem like they’d provide even more distraction to a process that does not necessarily need more distractions for those with younger and less multitasking brains (you’re already crossing the streets at dusk with a throng of monsters, do you REALLY need to be focused on your stumpf fiddle or should you maybe just concentrate on moving your own limbs? i certainly know MY kids’ limitations here.)

but maybe a few devil’s fiddles would be great for some of our adult krampusse? (and i’m not opposed for the kids, i’m just feeling this out).

i know that there will be at least one mask that uses looped audio this year, and that will be on our rear guard, so we want to think about that in relation to live percussion as well. but i’m starting to think, we almost need a musical director.