LEND US YOUR EAR. better yet. donate two.

been thinking about kids (surprise), and what to do for puppet workshop this year. last year’s articulated cardboard puppets were very cool, but we certainly want to change it up.

there’s a balance to be made between what’s easy to implement in a room full of kids with limited crafting skills, and a result that’s too off-the-cuff and can’t be enjoyed for long. i thought that this year i wanted to work with hand puppets — sock or otherwise — to use in the procession for kids (then at least they have their non-adult-holding hand warm). but, eh, googly eyes and fraying yarn and dripping glue… oh it’s all a bit blah, isn’t it?

that’s when i remembered this ridiculous thing we did when claudia was a baby, and we did ridiculous over-the-top things: we went to fao schwartz in manhattan and made a customized muppet.

pre-fab components + varied, but finite, choices = high quality and very memorable finished product (i think claudia will have her muppet, whose name is dek, for the rest of her life.)

so while the jury is still out for me on the base mechanism (socks are kinda narrow, but they are easy to come by, and cheap),

i am officially putting out the call to all needlework crafters to donate krampus components for our handpuppet workshop in november of 2012.

YOU CAN GET STARTED AS SOON AS NOW. look in that scrap bag, or through your odds and ends of yarn. make us a tongue! a pair of eyes! you can quilt some horns, or knit some teeth!

you could do one little thing. you could do a bagful! you could certainly let your friends know about this, and your little drop in the krampus bucket would give us a treasure trove of facial features in various forms of needlework — which kids could then choose from to make a MUCH nicer puppet than they’d get with just pipe cleaners and felt cut-outs!

working with volunteers, the workshop would be spent letting kids do the simple stitching to attach their facial features, horns and extra bits (hey, limbs? we can do limbs!) to their krampus puppets. or hats. heck, hats are good — i can easily get a bunch of cheapy black knit caps and we can have krampus hats with arms and legs too! (still not into putting masks on kids at dusk in december, while laufing. but hats would work!!)

i would absolutely promise to photograph EVERY puppet with it’s maker/owner so that anyone who participated could see where their bits went. and each child would go home with their krampus puppet the night of december 15th after the lauf.

the more folks who helped, the lighter the load for anyone else helping (look, i love krampus but i don’t need to knit fifty extra horns and tongues this season, my knitting docket is full), and the more variety of materials and therefore variety of puppets.

please spread the word! and e mail me (krampuslauf.philly@gmail.com) for an address at which to send us something, or if you have questions. start a bag of bits for us now! quilt a tongue, crochet a pair of horns, sew up a quick stuffed pair of arms with big nasty claws (use the idea of a heavy adult sock and/or a child’s size hat as a sizing tool). so awesome!!


  1. […] you may remember the post where the brainstorm for the kids’ handpuppet workshop occurred (and if you don’t, you may want to look at that as a refresher). we sure were excited when we received a box of leather tongues from virginia – in fact, it’s what could only be called an ENDOWMENT of tongues. a LEGACY of tongues. there could be five years’ worth of tongues there. (or, you know, we are good sharers here. we would share tongues, now or in the future. just ask.) […]

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