why yes he DOES read “KRAMPUS INSIDER” magazine!

krampus does like to keep up on what’s happening with his peer group. this new mask for our collection was made by tracy widdess of brutal knitting.

it is one more mask that will be available for the wearing next december. other happenings here in philly: a paper artist is currently working on some prototypes for paper pulp masks via a tutorial gifted to us by our friends at Many Mouths One Stomach, in the hopes that this type of mask may be available to make here in philly via workshop in november 2012… we are also taking a maker-meeting about a mechanical prop, and have a student at RISD who is trying to organize some large-scale knitting ideas to incorporate here in the philly lauf.

but mostly we’re just hangin’.

thanks again to lorelei for getting us “krampus insider”. what a fascinating periodical! we told our kids that it was a summer camp brochure.