maker workshop — things got made!!

oh yes. no turning back now. see all the photos here on flickr, but here are also some highlights:

first of all, people came with the right attitude.

and they got to making things!

there were jangly noisemakers to be used in the procession:

as well as screenprints on both paper and garments.

and there were two kinds of puppets — just-a-face kind:

and a whole-krampus, dance-able kind.

people helped each other.

then, more unexpected things happened; like, a musical performance by… abraham lincoln.

that is scott bickmore and his LINCOLN-LINE project is currently live on kickstarter and awaiting your support. it has many of the same driving passions of our krampuslauf and we are glad to know scott.

and then? how about a few hundred recycling bins to play with while the adults clean up the glue and glitter?

it was a very nice afternoon. there were even some donuts and kimchi to share. now, what surprises are left for krampuslauf? — we will be doing mask making with arun’s foil-and-tape tutorial, and stitching an alpine photo backdrop. and i know that people are working on costumes! i know i am…