buttnmandl krampus continued

might be close to finished here — and it’s a good thing, as krampus/krampus-buttnmandl/frau perchta’s headdress all have to be turned in, as images, anyway, by next week — for fiber philadelphia’s juried exhibition. i’ve never submitted fiber work to any jury but feel just as comfortable doing it as i do with writing, which is to say, i consider myself very lucky to have pretty impenetrable skin when it comes to rejection. (in fact, i should put “rejection” in quotes, because i don’t see work as being rejected when it is not used in a particular venue.)

this piece is missing a few things to be complete:

— sheepskin for back-of-the-head covering, probably with grommets and lacing

— audio wiring

a handsome and compelling puerto rican samurai to wear it

and it’s been nice to have the “false” deadline of fiber philadelphia to get these pieces done, because they are so central to the krampuslauf. i will do a post when i have all the “official” photos taken of all three pieces.

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