paper krampus garland craft: a test drive

it’s good to test-drive your craft projects!

come make a garland or two with us at the liberty lands fall festival on SUNDAY, OCTOBER 30.

first experience with metallic ink on black paper. they rose to the occasion.

our garlands have five krampusse on them. a little detailing with metallic or gel pens, an addition of some tongues (japanese paper scrap) and horns (used coffee filter paper!) gives some dimension, and allows one to indulge in the thrill of “scissoring”.

here’s a detail from claudia’s garland.

she's got a bit of basquiat in her, my girl does.

yes, i crocheted “chains” for the krampusse. did i do so for EVERYONE who may come to our table at the fall festival? well, it depends on how many come. i did crochet quite a few.

here is a detail of one of the two garlands that industrious béla made:

many of béla's krampusse are wearing "buttons".

a little concerned about the chains staying on well — might do to add a mini-staple.

i so love the idea of putting these up every year… don’t mind the idea of needing to re-glue or add a little tape to a tear… i think that these inexpensive, “temporary” decorations are often the best kind and the most rewarding to see turn into heirlooms. i wonder about all the little austrian or german children’s drawings of krampus, decades, even a hundred years ago… and where they are now, and if krampus ornaments or images made by four year-olds still are unwrapped every year in some families.

please come visit us at the fall festival at liberty lands — just a little more than a week away!

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