building a firepit at liberty lands/fall festival

it was a park cleanup saturday and honestly we felt honored to be a part of it.

ben helped dig and border the new park fire pit, which we expect to be part of our krampus revels in december!

work it.

the kids helped fluff mulch.

as for me, our poongmul friend peterson joined us in the park and he and i did some korean poongmul drumming. poongmul was historically used to “cheer on” farmers in the fields as they did their work, and it seems it is effective!

the more time we spend in the liberty lands community the more we love it! please come feel that same feeling and join us at liberty lands’ fall festival on sunday october 30! just two weeks away — bring kids in their halloween costumes, make a garland of paper krampusse and/or a little wired chenille krampus pal who can travel with you anywhere… decorate a pumpkin, and check out the firepit and adequately fluffed mulch!

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