cinnamon dough krampusse, part last (or, krampus at sukkot)

remember the cinnamon dough krampusse? we kept them very understated, just giving them a little switch to adorn. they can be VERY fragile around the horns — perhaps a little more glue in the dough would have been a good idea. however, we only lost a few and have plenty to keep the TV room smelling heavenly. here they are hanging with our krampus bells (which are a bit more tuneful than we might like, but are very good bells!)

some of these cinnamon krampusse were used tonight to decorate the sukkah — sukkot is the weeklong jewish “festival of booths” — at a family gathering. here’s claudia with the etrog and lulav — which we all waved around as is done. “no paganism remaining in OUR religion!” said our host cheerily, which reminds me of janet’s wonderful observation: “…the difference between your myth and my profound religious belief is. . . um. . . the pronouns”.

i wonder if a krampus, cinnamon or otherwise, has ever decorated a sukkah before?

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