those english.

last night i had numb fingers — too much typing and stitching — and put some ice compresses on and sat down to watch a 2003 version of “the hound of the baskervilles”.

holmes? watson? yikes.
the krampus of our collective, nationless unconscious strikes again!
oh, it's on.

the english are known for their “scary” christmas traditions, are they not?

"to make it all the spookier and more festive."

two years ago we were lucky to be invited to a guy fawkes party held by friends who remained — until weeks after the event — blithely oblivious to the illegality of burning a man in effigy on a residential carriage street in south philadelphia. not surprisingly, this family has shown interest in krampuslauf and i am so sad they will be away that night, but hope they will be at the maker workshop nonetheless. they are a spirited bunch. and, even though i was disappointed not to see them arrested, they gave an awesome party. jacket potatoes, toffee pudding and a burning guy are really all it takes.

the barely talking claudia recounted the next day to all who would listen: "man hot! all gone."
our friend cathy is into it!

so happy to be assisting this weekend at liberty lands with the digging of the firepit.

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