more shopping for krampus

i was stitching the GRUß VOM KRAMPUS banner at nikki’s this week when she told me about black phoenix alchemy labs and their yearly limited edition KRAMPUS SCENT. while no past years’ scents are available, and this year’s is expected but not promised, i am very much looking forward to it. one year’s blend has notes of “sinister red musk, black leather, dusty rags, and wooden switches” last year’s boasts “willow and beechwood branches, austrian chocolate, fresh alpine milk, with paprika, horseradish, black pepper, juniper, mustard seed, and caraway”.

since krampus’ scent was not yet available we just did some shopping for some amazing limited editon fall scents — after sampling all of nikki’s prior purchases. WOW! it has got me in the mood more than ANYTHING. smell is such a significant component of experience, and particularly in relation to ritual and holidays. in fact, i have purchased an incense censer (you really can find anything on amazon) for use in the liberty lands event on december 10th. i don’t know that i will be ambitious enough to make my own krampus scent to share but i sure do want to swing a censer!

also in this week’s mail:

this piece was made by beth robinson of strange dolls . i collaborated (carrying the much lighter weight) on a doll i commissioned from beth in 2005 (scoll down to see), and we have a few other pieces of hers on our mantlepiece at home — a crow, and a scops owl. this krampus is a welcome edition to our collection, and although sold as an ornament, i feel i could use some ornamenting!

he also keeps the children in line.

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