wired chenille krampus — you can’t get much easier than this!

if you need a small reminder of krampus in your home, drop by the liberty lands fall festival on october 30 and visit the KRAMPUS CONSCIOUSNESS-RAISING table! we will be making paper krampus garlands, and wired chenille krampusse. and if you can’t make it to the festival, feel free to make one or two at home! here’s how:

take a black pipe cleaner, and loop it in the center, securing it once or twice.
with a quarter-length of red pipe cleaner, add horns to the suggested “head” shape. tuck the cut ends in on themselves so they don’t scratch.

half of the remaining black length will be held straight to begin to create the body. with the other half, begin wrapping around your loop shape, tightening and smooshing a bit to create a head.

with a half-length of black, fold in half and make legs with folded-in “feet”, attaching this to the remaining length of “body”. fold the body up on itself so that the legs are secured. (they will move easily, and your krampus can actually sit!)

with a half-length of black, attach arms. make folded-in hands so the cut edges are not scratchy.

with a whole black pipe cleaner, begin wrapping the body. leave a nice length in the back for a tail. if you don’t want your krampus to be thin and wiry, use two pipe cleaners to fill him out a bit.

cut a brown pipe cleaner into quarters to make his birch switches, and put them in his claw!

festive… yet… terrifying.
wrap him anywhere where a reminder of krampus and his intended punishments might be necessary!


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