some krampus-quality skins have been acquired

a few weeks ago i wrote a canned request for poor, unsaleable, but non-infested sheepskins, and sent it out to a big list of southeastern PA and NJ sheep farms i’d found online. i got one response — from toni kellers of shepherd’s croft in perkasie. she said she had two skins that had been used over the winter to keep warm an ill mare — and that they were not all that clean, but we could have them. we were into it!

so we drove out and met toni and her husband pete. the kids were well impressed to meet a REAL farmer who looked for all the world like kids think a REAL farmer is going to look. toni and pete are people with great humor and we had a really nice time checking out the farm, looking at the miniature cheviot lambs and ewes (this breed is amazing — it looks like they are wearing those anime contact lenses) and some chickens and a horse.

toni and pete’s sheep played a significant role in the underwear for 2008’s 100-mile suit project at philly’s ICA. (spinner and Friend of Krampus nicole wolverton worked on that, too.)

we do not know what our new skins will become. one is light in color, the other dark. but, the materials pile is starting to gather. i’d love to have more sheepskins or goatskins though, to work with.